Your website design should reflect the personality of your organization. For churches and non-profit organizations, as for businesses,  the layout and the color scheme make an important first impression on a visitor to your site and should not be chosen lightly. The navigation menu and other information displayed on your home page should allow visitors to easily find the answer to a question or to locate information they are looking for.

I am prepared to help you work your way through these and other important details involved in constructing an effective website. In some ways the most significant time I spend is the planning we do together before I ever build the first page, and I advise against rushing this stage.

Once I build the basic site pages, I will train one or more of your own staff or volunteers to add pages and to update information on the site. This will save you money and will facilitate your ability to make timely changes to the site.

All of the above concerns apply to the redesign of an existing site as well. Whether helping you  to create a completely new presence on the web or to re-design an existing site, my goal is to provide a finished product that will enhance the mission of your organization and that will be inexpensive to maintain going forward.