Website Design for Churches and Non-Profits

I want a new website. How do I begin?

The first thing to do is to use the Contact page on my website. Or if you prefer, you contact me directly by email or telephone ( or 610-253-9055). I will schedule a visit to your facility to discuss your needs and gather the information necessary to prepare a quote.

What if I already have a website and want to have it re-designed?

I will be happy to work with you to rebuild your site. In most cases there is no need to change the web host or the email addresses you are currently using. I can build a re-designed site powered by WordPress; and when it meets with your approval, I can switch your existing web address to the new version.

Can I view my website while it is being designed and built?

Absolutely! I will provide a web address that you can use to view the site while I am constructing it. That way you can offer suggestions and comments as we go along. However, the site will not show up in a search engine until we take it “live.”

Will our organization own the website?

I encourage you to contract directly with the web host because the site belongs to you and you are free to use a different web designer in the future. In addition to the site itself the verbiage, email, graphics, and domain name will all be owned by your organization.

Is email included?

I can set up as many email addresses as you need. I will work with you to establish a logical way to create the individual addresses so that visitors to your site can easily use them.


Website Maintenance for Churches and Non-Profits

How do updates and maintenance work after the site is finished?

In most cases, your own staff or volunteers will be able to add new pages and to update information on existing pages. In those infrequent cases where more technical knowledge is required, I will maintain and update your site based on an hourly rate of $50 with a half hour minimum charge.

How do I arrange for you to update something on our site?

Usually an email or telephone call is all that is necessary. I will quote you a price for your request; and once you approve it, I will update the site within 24 hours.